VELOX 350 SHEManual Circular Saw

Velox 350 SHE

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For Aluminium Cutting

Mitre cutting up to 45° right & left

Designed to cut aluminium and light metals, of solid and profiles with high accuracy.
Possibility for setting the machine to cut brass and copper profiles


Standard Features:

  • Mitre cut angle 0° – 45° left and right
  • Head bends 45° on vertical axis for inclined cuts (Inc)
  • Easy stops at 0°, 15°, 30°, 45° left and right
  • Hand-wheel to rotate and lock head at angles
  • Coolant system with filter, tank and pump
  • Thermic and magnetic motor protection
  • A pair for front vices with quick clamping and free to move alongside worktable
  • Aluminium removable jaws suitable for many commercial sizes
  • Complete blade protection
  • Blade spindle 32mm diameter
  • Adjustable length stop
  • Floor stand with removable chip collector
  • Electro-pneumatic function
  • Hydraulic control of the down-feed speed of the head
  • Pneumatic vice
  • Cutting cycles with adjustable feed speed during cut
  • Fast return function
  • Easy regulation of cut start/stop positions by 2 microswitch
  • Electronic driver with programming of all operations via control panel, includes setting of start-cut and end-cut positions, machine status, blade life, piece counter, cycle time, motor absorption and working anomalies will be shown on display.

Optional Accessories:

  • Pneumatic Vertical Vice
  • V jaws (3 pairs) for clamping round bars (max. dia 85mm)
  • WS Bar Support Stand
  • 2M Roller Table (Loading/unloading side)
  • Foot Pedal


Model VELOX 350 SHE



0° 120mm
45° L 115mm
45° R 115mm
45° Inc 65mm



0° 105mm
45° L 100mm
45° R 100mm
45° Inc 60mm



0° 200 x 80mm  (HxW)
45° L 150 x 80mm (HxW)
45° R 150 x 80mm (HxW)
45° Inc 180 x 50mm (HxW)
Motor 2.5 HP
Blade Dimension Dia 350mm x Bore 32mm
Blade Speed 1800 / 3600 rpm
Machine Dimension 920 x 1100 x 1700 mm  (LxBxH)
Weight 266 Kgs

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*Machines may be shown with some options

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