Meat Band Saw Blades Food Processing

CHEF Meat Cutting Band Saw Blades are manufactured in The USA, and are engineered for specific cutting needs ranging from precision fish slicing  to rigorous bone in meat cutting. These meat blades are produced from steel of highest quality and are designed to lower cutting costs by generating efficient cuts while producing less waste

Product Range

H Series

  • Hard tipped
  • Precision ground
  • For High volume cutting
  • For Heavy-duty bone-in meat

HPO Series

  • Controlled set
  • Minimum kerf
  • Less waste
  • For Expensive food

SS Series

  • Stainless steel blades
  • Strict sanitation
  • Clean environment
  • For all types of meat


  • Wavy tooth form
  • For Boneless meat
  • For Soft bone-in meat
  • For Poultry, Cheese etc.

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