SCALLOP Series Meat Cutting Band Saw Blade

SCALLOP Series  –  (Wavy Tooth Form)



Scallop band saw blades are designed to effortlessly cut through boneless and processed meats, cheese, and very soft bone material such as chicken. This blade saw blade slices smoothly and quickly without leaving residual chips or waste behind. The scallop can also double as a slicer. CHEF Scallop band saw blades are engineered for precision slicing and reliability.



Model Teeth Per Inch (TPI) Thickness Width Selection Guide
220 Scallop 2 TPI 0.50mm (0.020”) 13mm (1/2”) Boneless / Soft bone-in meat
222 Scallop 2 TPI 0.56mm (0.022”) 15mm (5/8”) Boneless / Soft bone-in meat

Blade length and width is based on machine specification.
Please advise meat type and cutting requirement for us to recommend suitable model.
Other dimensions can be made to order.
Please contact us for more details

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