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About Us

YSL MACHINERY & EQUIPMENTS PTE LTD, established in 1999, specializes in supplying bandsaw blades, circular saw blades and sawing machines for all sawing applications. The company serves three main working industries; Metalworking, Woodworking and Food Processing.

Our bandsaw welding plant, located here in Singapore, is fully equipped with the reliable and renowned Ideal welding and grinding machines, which ensures quality and consistent welding joints for every bandsaw blade of every size.

Apart from sawing equipments, we also supply woodworking machines, and food processing equipments of well-known and prestigious brands from Europe, Taiwan, and China.

With our team of experienced technicians and sales personnel, we focus on providing the best services to our clients. Our services includes repair and maintenance of sawing equipments, ensure supply of the suitable sawing equipment for any special application, solving any existing sawing problems, and providing excellent training/consultancy programs on equipment selection and proper equipment usage, to improve production efficiency. Ensuring our clients to able to perform efficient and economical cuttings are our main priority.

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