VELOX 350 AF-EFully-Automatic Circular Saw

Velox 350 AF-E

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For Aluminium Cutting

Mitre cutting up to 45°  right & left

Automatic heavy duty circular saw, designed to cut aluminium and light metals, of solid and profiles with high accuracy.
Possibility for setting the machine to cut brass and copper profiles


Standard Features:

  • Mitre cut angle 0° – 45° left and right
  • Head bends 45° on vertical axis for inclined cuts (Inc)
  • Easy stops at 0°, 15°, 30°, 45° left and right
  • Electro-pneumatic function
  • Electronic driver with programming of all operations via control panel, includes setting of start-cut and end-cut positions, machine status, blade life, piece counter, cycle time, motor absorption and working anomalies will be shown on display.
  • Feeder with 200mm opening, maximum stroke 520mm, minimum stroke 4mm
  • Upper roller mounted on the feeder to cut more bars in the same row
  • Hydraulic control of the down-feed speed of the head
  • Hand-wheel to rotate and lock head at angles
  • Coolant system with filter, tank and pump
  • Thermic and magnetic motor protection
  • A pair for front pneumatic vices with quick clamping and free to move alongside worktable
  • Pneumatic vertical vice
  • Aluminium removable jaws suitable for many commercial sizes
  • Complete blade protection
  • Blade spindle 32mm diameter
  • Floor stand with removable chip collector
  • Fixed protection on unloading side
  • Lubrication system with spray
  • Nylon brush for blade cleaning
  • Washing gun for cleaning

Optional Accessories:

  • V jaws (3 pairs) for clamping round bars (max. dia 90mm)
  • WS Bar Support Stand
  • 2M Roller Table (Loading/unloading side)
  • 6M Bar Loader Table


Fully-Automatic Version:

  • Manual selection of cutting length with digital reading and decimal nonius
  • Cutting cycle: After setting the cutting length and the number of cuts, a trim cut is performed, then the bar is cut till the end of the program


Model VELOX 350 AF-E


0° 120mm
45° L 115mm
60° L 115mm
45° R 65mm


0° 105mm
45° L 100mm
60° L 100mm
45° R 60mm


0° 200 x 80mm  (HxW)
45° L 150 x 80mm (HxW)
60° L 150 x 80mm (HxW)
45° R 180 x 50mm (HxW)
Motor 3 HP
Blade Dimension Dia 350mm x Bore 32mm
Blade Speed 3600 rpm
Machine Dimension 1300 x 1800 x  1800 mm  (LxBxH)
Weight 585 Kgs

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*Machines may be shown with some options

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